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Imvusa Trading 573 cc Company Profile and B.B.B.E.E Certificate



Imvusa is a BBBEE company operating in the Information Technology sector. The aim of the company is to provide cost-effective technical IT support and services. 

100% shares of the company are owned by a historically disadvantaged individual. The owner is Fiona van der Haer – an HDI. Fiona has spent 25 years in the industry, working at Trafex, IBM and AT&T. In order to boost the skills, our staff, with combined industry experience of over 70 years support. This experience comes from organisations such as IBM, AT&T, Telkom, Webcom, Thuthukani, Tasima, Proscan, Guardian National Insurance and the DLCA since May 2015 to name just a few.

Our policy of technical support involves the use of historically disadvantaged individuals as employees and contractors. This policy allows us to match the skills requirement and the resource requirement to the client needs.

Our services

The seamless integration of products and services is essential, and this is the Imvusa approach.  We strive to only give excellent service. For our customers, the results are greater efficiency, productivity and in the end profitability.
We promote and enforce a sound code of conduct on our workforce to protect our clients’ interests. Our workforce comprises of an experienced team of individuals who take pride in providing professional, neat and user friendly service.

We have extensive experience deploying and supporting hardware, software and networking on the e-Natis system for the Dept of Transport via Tasima. We also support the existing LCUs for the Drivers License Card Account Entity in the Western Cape.

Our Service Portfolio

  • Project Management
  • LAN Support and Installations
  • LCU Support and Installations
  • E-Natis installations and support
  • WAN / Network and cabling provisioning
  • Fiber Optic and Telecommunications cabling provisioning
  • Network audit, health check, consulting
  • Software & Hardware installations
  • Software & Hardware support
  • Procurement of IT peripherals
  • Printer installations
  • Printer servicing
  • Printer toner sales
  • Scanner installations
  • Office Electrical
  • Web Design
  • IT Consulting




We believe in partnering with other BBBEE SMME businesses as far as possible to provide empowerment, support and skills for those previously disadvantaged individuals.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a highly successful, honest and loyal business that can be trusted and depended on for the advancement of both the South African public and private sector organizations, and based on a foundation of professionalism and expert skills.

We aim to establish and maintain long-term, value-driven relationships with customers who require the delivery of their services.

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